Mathematical methods and terminology in geology 2020

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Min., Geol. P. Eng.

October 10, 2020 – October 11, 2020

The main conference goal is further developing of mathematical geology and overall geological terminology in Croatian, based on previously collected and published knowledge from those fields.






10th Oct / Faculty of Min., Geol. Petr. Eng., 4th floor

Chair: Prof. Josipa Velić

11,00-11,05 Opening ceremony

11,05-11,25 INVITED LECTURE: “Modal composition and morphometric characteristics of gravels in exploration field “Abesinija” (Otok Svibovski; SE from Zagreb, Croatia)” (Jasenka Sremac, Josipa Velić, Marija Bošnjak, Ivo Velić, Tomislav Malvić, Daniel Fotović, Renato Drempetić)

11,25-11,45 “Calculation of risk-neutral value for future exploration in the western part of the Sava Depression” (Josip Ivšinović)

11,45-12,05 “Geological model of the A field in the Sava Depression” (Kristina Novak Zelenika, Ana Majstorović Bušić)

12,05-12,25 “Biometric analysis of the Eocene Lucinidae shells from Croatia” (Marija Bošnjak, Nediljka Prlj Šimić, Jasenka Sremac)


Pause: 12,25-12,40


Chair: Prof. Jasenka Sremac

12,40-13,00 “Morphometric characteristics and origin of Palaeogene macroids from beach gravels in Stanići (vicinity of Omiš, Southern Croatia)” (Jasenka Sremac, Filip Huić, Marija Bošnjak, Renato Drempetić)

13,00-13,20 “Neogene deposits of the western slopes of the Psunj Mt., Croatia: an overview of historical background and actualisation of geological research” (Davor Vrsaljko, Marija Bošnjak, Anja Jarić, Jasenka Sremac, Tomislav Malvić)

13,20-13,40 “Trends of the hydrometeorological variables in the wider area of the Zagreb aquifer” (Sara Bačeković, Dominik Rukavina, Zoran Kovač)

13,40-14,00 INVITED LECTURE: “Scientometric analysis of JMSE/MDPI regular and special issues – opportunity for publishing quality results in highly visible journal” (Jasenka Sremac, Tony Clare, G. Wilson)

14,00-14,05 The annual award for the most influenced paper of section member in 2020 (goes to , probably first work of Croatian geologist in foreign math. journal)

14,05-14,10 Closing ceremony.


Addendum – the vouchers for 1 and invitation for another MSPI/JMSE special issue will be offered/given.

Posted: 2020-10-08

2nd announcement and instruction for submissions


a)     If corona situation escalates again there will be organised e-conference, what means that all papers will be published in proceedings as usual, and one day the e-conference will be active for simultaneous visiting of prepared PPT.


b)    If everything will be all right, 1st (or 2nd) Saturday in October see participants in Zagreb at Faculty.


c)     if anybody of non-Croatians wish to present PPT/publish paper there is no need to come in Zagreb. We will have e-poster section where each such contribution could be presented in 15 minutes projection and will be of the same category as oral presentation.


d)    There are not any costs for participants/authors.


e)    The proceedings will be indexed in Petroleum Abstracts (for sure) and WoS Book citation index/BKCI (probably., as in 2016+2018).


f)      Please submit manuscripts via OCS not late than 1st September that review process could be done in 3 weeks (2 for reviewers, 1 for you).


The preparation instructions are here: , but also template is available on this site.


All the best,


The committee members

Posted: 2020-07-24

Welcome note and type of submissions

Scientific Committee welcomes all future participants in Geomat conference. There will be two type of presentations - oral and e-posters. Both will be presented with full papers in the proceedings.  
Posted: 2020-02-03
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Conference Information

Organisers: Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Eng. (University of Zagreb) and Geomathematical Section (Crotian Geological Society)