Open Conference Systems / RGNF, Mathematical methods and terminology in geology 2020

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Biometric analysis of the Eocene Lucinidae shells from Croatia
Marija Bošnjak, Nediljka Prlj Šimić, Jasenka Sremac

Last modified: 2020-09-16


Numerous marine bivalves of the family Lucinidae were collected from the Eocene localities Promina Mt. and Imotski area (Lažete) in Croatia. The specimens are today housed in the Croatian Natural History Museum in Zagreb. The Lucinidae shells were measured and the biometric analysis was performed to compare morphometric characteristics of the height, length and width of the shells between the localities in Croatia, and the comparative specimens from the Paris Basin housed in the Museum. Morphometric analyses showed differences between the lucinid samples in Croatia, and also between the samples from Croatia and specimens from the Paris Basin. Lucinidae samples from Croatia have higher morphometric values and indicate the possible favourable paleoecological conditions for the growth of the bigger shells. This study is the first step in the further biometric research on the Eocene malacofauna from Croatia and its comparison with the neighbouring contemporaneous localities.


Biometry; Lucinidae; Eocene; Croatia

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