Open Conference Systems, Mathematical methods and terminology in geology 2018

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The Croatian dictionary of basic terms concerning unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs
Monika Vidić, Josipa Velić, Tomislav Malvić

Last modified: 2018-09-11


The lifetime of existing conventional fields in Croatia, from which hydrocarbons are being obtained, is approaching the end. Therefore, due to the requisite for the new reserves, the interest for the unconventional reservoirs where significant potential reserves are anticipated appears. Future research and retrieval from such reservoirs requires highly developed Croatian geological terminology to evade any misunderstandings and errors in describing such spaces. Here is lexicographically presented a short Croatian-Croatian dictionary of the most important terms used in the processing and determination of unconventional reservoirs in the Croatian part of the Pannonian Basin System. Over the time, such a dictionary will need to be extended to the new concepts, particularly those related to mapping and assessing the economics of the rocks of unconventional reservoirs.

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