Mathematical methods and terminology in geology 2018

Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering

October 6, 2018 – October 7, 2018

The conference will be held in October. For now, event is planned at 6th, a publication of conference e-book at 7th October.

LANGUAGE OF PRESENTATIONS: The conference presentations/lectures can be prepared and given in Croatian or English.

LANGUAGE OF PAPERS IN CONFERENCE BOOK: The papers are written in English, including Croatian title, abstract, key words. The papers from terminology are written bilingual or in Croatian with extensive Englsih abstract.

Instruction for authors are the same as for authors in the "RGN zbornik" journal.

Conference topics are: (a) theoretical approaches; (b) applications in science and engineering; (c) linguistic heritage and development.



6th Oct schedule

The timelines, titles and lecturers on the 6th Oct are availble in full text of this announcement.  
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Paper template


For any questions about how to use and format template, please send e-mail to

Submission needs to be upload as PDF, and DOC(X) forwards to contact above.

The very last day for submission is 7th September.

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Conference Information

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Organisers: Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Eng. (University of Zagreb) and Geomathematical Section (Crotian Geological Society)