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General Papers

Constant head permeameter tests for hydraulic conductivity of unconsolidated sediments and associated terminology PDF
Kristijan Posavec, Adriana Kukolja, Valentina Kocijan
Application of Simpson´s and trapezoidal formulas for volume calculation of subsurface structures - recommendations PDF
Josipa Pavičić, Željko Andreić, Tomislav Malvić, Rajna Rajić, Josipa Velić
Fluid flow in porous carbonates, theoretical and practical considerations PDF
Željko Andreić, Uroš Barudžija, Tomislav Malvić, Josipa Velić, Ivo Velić
Determination of soil and groundwater contamination resulting from the hydrocarbon exploitation activity PDF
Karolina Novak Mavar, Ivana Kapustić Pavić
The Croatian dictionary of basic terms concerning unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs PDF
Monika Vidić, Josipa Velić, Tomislav Malvić
Deep mapping of hydrocarbon reservoirs in the case of a small number of data using the example of the Lower Pontian reservoirs of the western part of the Sava Depression PDF
Josip Ivšinović
The relationship between sandstone depositional environment and water injection system, a case study from the Upper Miocene hydrocarbon reservoir in northern Croatia PDF
Josip Ivšinović
Correction of the seismic attribute sweetness by using porosity-thickness map, Lower Pontian LP reservoir, Sava Depression PDF
Kristina Novak Zelenika, Saša Smoljanović
Statistical analyses of Late Cretaceous clastic deposits from Mali Potok Creek (Medvednica Mt., Northern Croatia) PDF
Jasenka Sremac, Davor Kudrnovski, Josipa Velić, Marija Bošnjak, Ivo Velić
Biostatistic analyses of newly found pteropods (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in the Middle Miocene (Badenian) deposits from the southeastern Medvednica Mt. (Northern Croatia) PDF
Ivana Derežić, Marija Bošnjak, Jasenka Sremac

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